Increase your customer base

AlifX is an advanced technology platform designed to revolutionize digital payments in the UAE

Key features

Split payment option

Greater flexibility in managing budgets and increasing clients purchasing power.

Unified platform

Seamlessly intergate e-commerce, travel, and fintech for a complete range of services.

AI-powered companion

Boosts sales by enhancing customer satisfaction and providing insights to tailor offerings and marketing.

Tailored user solutions

Intuitive navigation, localized services, and personalized recommendations enhance user convenience.

Integrate with ease

Development of front-end part on us

We handle front-end development for you

SMS notifications

Use our system for seamless SMS notifications

In-app alerts

Utilize our system for effective push notifications

Development of front-end part on us

Ready-made gateway for full or split payments

Boost sales

Boost sales

Implement FlexiPay to let your customers spread their payments over time.

Flight direction

Enhance bookings

Offer FlexiBook so your customers can pay for their trips over time.

Flight direction

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